A dedicated, cost-effective SEO & Internet Marketing Expert who are well aware of all advancement and emerging SEO trends and understand the importance of having a full-time presence on the web, helping your business to gain traffic and boost profits.

At SEO Company India, we provide Dedicated SEO Expert who can make sure that your website will fully optimized & visible in the online world. Our result driven SEO services will increase your website ranking higher up in the search engine result page. This, in turn, makes it more likely to be the #1 choice for the potential customer as they will find your services before they see anyone else. With the help of the right kind of online marketing approach, our dedicated SEO Consultant will make sure that your website is both a hit with clients and search engine rankings. Through wide range of SEO marketing services, we ensure you are working with best dedicated SEO expert who will improve your website search engine visibility & online reputation. Hiring the right Dedicated SEO Expert India can be made the difference between your business success and failure online, so get in touch with us to hire a dedicated seo expert and turn your business vision into reality.

Helping to Optimize Long-Term Web Performance for Consistent Results

Many people will utilize SEO, but not enough people utilize it properly! With dedicated SEO expert at hand, you can make sure that you have dedicated SEO services to turns to that are built around your own specific goals and needs. It’s easier to start setting and then achieving dreams when you have the right people on board. By removing the major stresses of trying to find consistency on the web, our dedicated SEO expert will help you find the main priorities and to help amplify the strengths of your online marketing. Now, it will be much easier to not only have business goals, but to move in the right direction towards finally claiming them and making them your own.

Hiring the right dedicated SEO expert India will ensure that you start to see cohesive results in the long-term. Best of all, we make sure that you are going to be working with the best dedicated SEO expert who have state-of-the-art optimization techniques and follow the ground-breaking and advanced SEO approaches. Our professional SEO expert will combine passion and work ethic together to create a system that produces results for your business.

Our dedicated SEO specialist don’t use short-term tactics that only have a quick lifespan, instead look to introduce a host of cohesive plans that will make it much easier for your business to break through stunting barriers and plateaus. Dedicated SEO expert will maximize your increased profit margins and ensure that your business can easily turn towards a highly trustworthy leader in same niche.


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Level 1 – Dedicated SEO Expert

$ 799 / month

  • One Dedicated SEO Expert
  • Minimum 160 hrs. Of work per month
  • Manage upto 3 websites or around 80 keywords
  • Expert in website On-page optimization and social media marketing
  • Strong command over content marketing
  • Good practical knowledge of website links creation and analysis
  • Expert in local SEO, Business listing, Video/ PR Promotions
  • Expert in managing blogs, forum participation and social media communities
  • Fully dedicated to your company
  • Daily reporting
  • Communication via Project Collaboration System, Skype
  • Billing – 50% adv, 50% at the end of month

Level 2 – Dedicated SEO Expert Team

$ 1499 / month

  • One Dedicated SEO Specialist + One Content Writer
  • Minimum 320 hrs. Of work per month
  • Manage upto 4 websites or around 120 keywords
  • SEO Specialist & Content writer both having 3+ years of experience
  • Expert in Website On-page optimization, and social media marketing
  • Master knowledge of website links creation and analysis
  • Highly experienced in local SEO, Business listing, Video/ PR Promotions
  • Master in managing blogs, forum participation and social media communities
  • Strong analytical skills to act efficiently on the targets
  • Writer has flexibility to write in US/European style
  • Fully dedicated to your company
  • Daily reporting
  • Communication via Project Collaboration System, Skype
  • Billing – 50% adv, 50% at the end of month


There are multiple reasons to hire dedicated SEO expert from a reputed Indian SEO company is so important. For one, the SEO Company can make sure that you are getting access to a dedicated SEO expert who brings more than years of experience to the table. Our dedicated SEO expert understands the latest SEO philosophy and goes far beyond being experts on theory. A dedicated SEO expert understands the ethics behind SEO, as well, meaning that you can rely upon completely & trustfully, who knows how to provide satisfactory SEO & marketing services. Dedicated SEO expert will be happy to work to a specific deadline, helping you see long-term results without having to wait too long to see some progress. Whilst SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, we make sure that our dedicated SEO expert will out of the traps quickly.

SEO India Offer “Dedicated SEO Expert or Team” plans that are made to fit your budget. We want to help clients as well as provide a service that has positive ramifications for years to come but isn’t going to eat into your profit stream too much.



The results we create for you are the result of a hard working dedicated SEO expert who put in everything he/she possibly can. From increased traffic through organic ranking, quality sources to building a range of healthy business contacts across multiple avenues such as social media and content marketing, dedicated SEO expert help to set up a legacy for your business that will last.

To find out more about our dedicated SEO experts and how they can help you make a telling difference in the years to come to nearly every aspect of your business, you can contact us for further details on how we can help propel you into the next generation.


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